Berlin, Essen, Oberhausen, it doesn’t matter where in Germany – in the shadows of metropolitan areas, right underneath the public control system, gangs and family clans control whole urban districts in Germany. They earn their money with procuration, drug dealing and blackmailing protection money. Most of them live their life as a German imitation of American Hip Hop Gangsters and are really influenced by music, it isn't just their daily grind but also their definition of honor and morals.

What drives young people in Germany towards organized crime? How can it happen that teens who are born and grow up in Germany have no need for affiliation and no obligation to the general system and way of life, but instead withdraw into an isolated mini-society? Did we lose connection to each other or did we ever had one?

ANOTHER REALITY is a character-driven documentary which provides a real insight into the life in criminal gangs in Germany, meeting the young protagonists and letting them show us their dreams, their present and their future.

Category Documentary
Director Noel Dernesch, Olli Waldhauer
Production Elemag Pictures (DE), Cognito Films (CH)
Format Full HD, DCP
Runtime 97 min
Production Year 2019
Language German
Subtitled Versions English
Country Germany, Switzerland
Genre Music, Society, Youth


  • "kinokino Audience Award" DOK.fest München (2019) - World Premiere

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