Oscar®-winning director Pepe Danquart Pepe Danquart's documentary about the celebrated contemporary artist Daniel Richter is far more than a classic portrait or a homage to his work and explores the question of how political a famous painter can actually be in an environment of the turbo-capitalist art market.
In his youth, Daniel Richter was active in the Hamburg squatter scene; today he is a star in the international art world. His paintings are bought, collected and traded all over the world. But at heart he is a rebel, a deeply political man. Danquart followed Richter over a period of three years, recording his artistic development, celebrating his major exhibitions in New York and Paris with him, and observing him in his studio: painting, listening to music, reflecting. The result is a film about art that wants to be political and yet, in the best sense, remains what it is: painting!

With: Daniel Richter, Jonathan Meese, Tal R, Harald Falckenberg, Hella Pohl, Jorg Grimm

Category Documentary
Director Pepe Danquart
Production B | 14 FILM GmbH, Gretchenfilm
Country Germany
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 118 min
Year 2022
Broadcaster ARTE/rbb
Language German, English
Subtitles English
Genre Arts & Culture, Biography


  • DOK Leipzig, German Competition, Germany (2022)
  • German Film Days, Denmark (2023)
  • Crossing Europe, Working Worlds, Austria (2023)

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