Jules Verne's vision of water as the 'coal of the future' resonates today as Hydrogen (H20) emerges as a game-changer for a CO2-free world. This simple molecule holds the potential to power industries, transportation, and provide essential green energy. Nations worldwide, including France, Spain, and Norway, aim to lead the green hydrogen market, foreseeing its transformative impact.

The documentary follows key players, from industrial giants like Thyssen Krupp and MAERSK to innovative startups like Lhyfe, showcasing their efforts to steer energy-intensive production towards eco-friendly practices. It also highlights colossal infrastructure projects in Rotterdam and the European Hydrogen backbone, crucial for transporting hydrogen to its consumers.

While acknowledging the challenges in establishing a global hydrogen market, the film captures the sweeping influence of these ambitious plans on global investments. It embarks on an international journey, interweaving stories of projects and individuals immersed in this transformative technology, emphasizing the importance of a global perspective in this paradigm shift.
This immersive documentary explores hydrogen's promise, complexities, and potential to drive the world's energy transition with passion and ambition.

Category Documentary
Original title Wasserstoff Global (WT)
Director Andreas Pichler
Production Eikon Film
Country Germany
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 52/90 min
Year expected Q2 2024
Broadcaster RBB/ARTE
Language German, English
Subtitles English
Genre Economy, Nature & Environment, Science

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