The four-part documentary shows how art is made - from the first sketch to the sale. How is a work of art created? Who is involved? What forces interact, what goes on behind the scenes of the art market?

Filmmaker Felix von Boehm and art expert Silke Hohmann are close to the creative process in the studios of sculptor Alicja Kwade, artist Anne Imhof and painter Amoako Boafo. They accompany the artists through all stages of their creative process and get the other important players in the notoriously discreet art world talking.

Category Documentary
Original title Ist das Kunst?
Director Felix von Boehm
Production Lupa Film
Country Germany
Format Full HD
Runtime 4 x 26 min
Year 2022
Broadcaster Arte
Language German, English
Subtitles English
Genre Arts & Culture, Design & Fashion, Economy

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