Lack of physical activity is the new pandemic of our digital age and is considered a high-risk factor for numerous diseases - all experts agree on this. The WHO is sounding the alarm: more than 50% of people in high-income countries do too little physical activity, and among young people the figure is already 80% - and rising. Due to ever new digital and technological inventions, the need to move is increasingly disappearing. That's why it's important to rediscover movement and the desire for it. The documentary JUST MOVE! ENDING THE COUCH POTATO PANDEMIC shows how this can be done and how we can overcome our inertia.

Category Documentary
Original title Die Bewegungskrise
Director Kirsten Esch
Production Südkino Filmproduktion
Country Germany
Format Full HD
Runtime 52/91 min
Year 2023
Broadcaster ZDF, Arte
Language German, English
Subtitles English
Genre Health, Science, Society

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