In LOOKING FOR ZION director Tamara Erde embarks on a journey following the photographs of her grandfather, Ephraim Erde, a famous Zionist photographer from the 1930s. This journey reveals to her new ideas about his choices and image-making, which are leading her to question and critically examine the history of the Israeli society and the Zionist dream in the past and in the present, as they are reflected from the confrontation of the visuals of her grandfather and through her lens today.

Category Documentary
Director Tamara Erde
Production KATUH Studio
Country Germany, France
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 52/95 min
Year 2018
Broadcaster 3Sat
Language Hebrew, English
Subtitles English, German, French
Genre Arts & Culture, Biography, History & Archive Footage, Politics


  • Seret International / Israeli Film Television Festival, Germany (2018)
  • Other Israel Film Festival, NYC, USA (2018)
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