ALCOHOL - THE MAGIC POTION (working title)

ALCOHOL - THE MAGIC POTION (working title)

Alcohol is the world’s most powerful drug. Four billion people drink it regularly and the number is rising.  Of the world’s 30 countries with the highest per capita alcohol consumption, no fewer than 26 are in Europe. Big business, with 3 million victims each year. But who profits from all this? MAGIC POTION is the new film from the producers of BOTTLED LIFE - THE TRUTH ABOUT NESTLES BUSINESS WITH WATER and THE MILK SYSTEM.

Category Documentary
Original title Alkohol - Der globale Rausch
Director Andreas Pichler
Production Eikon Film (DE), Miramonte Film (IT)
Format Full HD, DCP
Runtime 52 and 90 min
Production Year delivery spring 2020
Broadcaster RBB/arte
Language German, English
Subtitled Versions German, English
Country Germany, Italy
Genre Economy, Food, Investigative, Society

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