SHE CHEF portrays the young chef and recent culinary world cup winner Agnes on her journey to mastery through some of the most outstanding restaurants in the world. The self-confident twentysomething has finished her apprenticeship at Austria’s Top-Restaurant Steirereck and joined the Austrian national team of cooking as the first and only woman amongst all men to win the 2018 culinary world cup with her team. We will follow Agnes ambitious journey and track her way to become a top- chef from the very beginning. SHE CHEF will also allow us to dig deep into very different cultures of cooking and give us detailed insights into the ways of working of five of today’s most interesting restaurants far beyond the well- known celebrity hype.

Category Documentary
Original title Wanderjahre
Director Gereon Wetzel & Melanie Liebheit
Production Horse&Fruits Filmproduktion
Format Full HD, DCP
Runtime approx. 90 min
Year Delivery approx. Fall 2021
Broadcaster N.N.
Language German, English, N.N.
Subtitles N.N.
Country Austria
Genre Arts & Culture, Biography, Food, Youth

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