SHE CHEF is a portrait of a newly crowned world champion chef. After completing her training at Austria's top restaurant, "Steirereck," 25-year-old Agnes embarks on an exciting journey to learn from the best chefs in the world and develop her own culinary language. Despite the differing personalities and styles of the famous chefs from Vendome, Disfrutar, and Koks, the stars of the scene are men. We accompany Agnes on her own path to becoming a top chef in a time when women are no longer content to simply take a backseat. SHE CHEF raises questions about the future of the workplace, work-life balance, and the dreams of the next generation. Along the way, the film introduces us to the sensual beauty of this craft beyond the usual celebrity culture.

Category Documentary
Original title Wanderjahre
Director Melanie Liebheit & Gereon Wetzel
Production Horse&Fruits Filmproduktion
Country Austria, Germany
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 105 min
Year 2022
Language German, English, Danish, Spanish
Subtitles English, German
Genre Arts & Culture, Biography, Food, Youth


  • DOK Leipzig, German Competition - World Premiere, Germany (2022)
  • Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Festival, Germany (2023)
  • Vision Du Reél, Grand Angle Competition, Switzerland (2023)

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