What do BDSM, dance and meditation have in common? Is the practice of violence in a controlled and friendly space an evolution in our civilization? VIOLENTLY HAPPY is a sensual and intimate experience, a film about a group of postmodern Berliners, looking for new ways of living, loving and experimenting with sexual fantasies. Felix Ruckert, dancer and choreographer, meets Mara Morgen, urban sustainability worker. Together with a group of like-minded people these reflective characters open the debate on experimenting with boundaries and projections - while dancing, meditating, at sex parties and in SM sessions.
Prepare for a sensual, romantic, postfeminist, full-frontal journey to a Berlin you have never seen before.

Category Documentary
Director Paola Calvo
Production lüthje schneider hoerl films
Country Germany
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 56/92 min
Year 2016
Broadcaster RBB/ARTE, RTBF
Language German, English
Subtitles English, German, Spanish
Genre Human Interest, Religion & Spirituality, Sex & Sexuality, Society


  • “World Premiere“ Filmfest München, Germany (2016)
  • Doc@PÖFF/ PÖFF Black Nights Tallinn, Estonia (2016)
  • DocPoint Helsinki, Finland (2017)
  • Millenium Docs Against Gravity FF, Poland (2017)
  • “Nomination for the Michael Ballhaus Prize for Best Cinematography“ First Steps Award, Germany (2017)
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