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In this love letter to artists, their art and its audience, one film- maker is confronted with rejection after rejection until, at last a beautiful fig tree bears sweet fruits. “Conversations with a Whale” was created directly under the camera lens, using various ana- logue animation techniques.

Category Short film
Director Anna Samo
Production Tiger Unterwegs Filmproduktion
Country Germany
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 08:45 min
Year 2020
Language English
Genre Animation


  • PÖFF Shorts (Black Nights Film Festival), International Competition, Estonia (2020)
  • "Special Jury Mention", Etiuda & Anima, International Competition, Poland (2020)
  • KABOOM Animation Festival, Short docs Competition, The Netherlands (2021)
  • Mecal Pro: Barcelona International Short and Animation FF, Animation Competition, Spain (2021)
  • Tampere Film Festival, International Competition, Finlad (2021)
  • Seattle International Film Festival, Short Film Competition, USA (2021)
  • Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, International Competition, The Netherlands (2021)
  • Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), International Competition, Germany (2021)
  • Annecy International Animation Festival, International Competition, France (2021)
  • Neum Animation Film Festival, Competition, Bosnia-Herzegovina (2021)

Quotes & Other

"Anna Samo, or her animated alter ego in Conversations With A Whale has a charming appearance that evokes memories of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella “The Little Prince”: the crown, the cape, the essential questions surrounding one’s own existence and a wee plant that is taken care of with lots of love are there. Not a rose though, but the tree of encouragement, as it turns out."
- Marina D. Richter / UBIQUARIAN

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