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Just like every other night, the ghost goes out to haunt and spook every one. Just like every other night,the little girl has to eat the healthy porridge that she doesn’t like. And this time it so happens that the girl and the ghost meet, and the girl doesn’t really want to be afraid of the ghost. So, they can’t do anything but laugh about misunderstandings and… become friends.

Category Short film
Original title Spoku Stunda
Director Nils Skapāns
Country Latvia, Estonia
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 7 min 25 sec
Year 2014
Language No Dialogue
Genre Animation, Children


  • "The Best film of Programme 5+", Int. Short Film Festival ZUBROFFKA, Poland (2014)
  • IFF Curtas Vila do Conde (2014), Giffoni IFF (2014), Fantoche IFF (2014),
  • ANIMAGE (2014), Anim'est (2014), Toronto IFF (2015), Munich IFF (2015)
  • Cinekid Festival (2015) & many more

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