A little polar bear Ursa is alone in the cold dark Arctic and looking for his mum. He walks through a blizzard, through the icy cold tundra and sharp ice hummocks, towards the northern lights and the magic song in hope to find his mother. On his way Ursa meets different Arctic animals, friends and enemies, and after many challenges comes to the edge of the earth. In front of him is only the sea and the northern lights. And there in the distance, in the northern lights he sees his mum.

This Norwegian animated film grapples with the consequences of climate change for polar bears in the Arctic in a way that’s accessible to children.

Category Short film
Original title URSA - The Song of the Northern Lights
Director Natalia Malykhina
Production Ulvenfilm AS
Country Norway
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 10:20 min
Year 2021
Language No Dialogue
Genre Animation, Children, Family


    • "Best Norwegian Short Film", Kristiansand International Children’s FF, Norway (2021)
    • "Best Short Film for Children", Goldn Kurier - IAFF, Bulgaria (2021)
    • Seoul Guro Int. Kids FF, South Korea (2021)
    • ZLIN Int. FF for Children and Youth, Czech Republic (2021)
    • ANIBAR Int.Anim Festival, Kosovo (2021)
    • Giffoni Film Festival, Official Competition, Italy (2021)
    • La Guarimba Int. Film Festival, Italy (2021)
    • AniFest ROZAFA IFF for Children and Young People, Albania (2021)
    • Fantoche, Kids Film Competition, Switzerland (2021)
    • The Norwegian IFF Haugesund, Norway (2021)
    • TIFF Junior, Norway (2021)
    • Film Festival della Lessini, Italy (2021)
    • Family Film Festival, Ireland (2021)
    • Universal Kids Film Festival, Istanbul (2021)
    • Kino Dzieci - Kids Kino IFF, Warszawa, Poland (2021)
    • BUSTER Copenhagen IFF for Children and Youth, Denmark (2021)
    • Zero Plus IFF, Tyumen, Russia (2021)
    • ANIMATOU IAFF, Geneva, Switzerland (2021)
    • International Animated Short Film Festival “AJAYU”,Peru (2021)
    • Reykjavík International Film Festival, Iceland (2021)
    • Le Chouette Festival, France (2021)
    • Animare (shorts for children), Italy (2021)
    • Cinemagic Belfast Film Festival, Ireland, UK (2021)
    • Animafest Gdansk IAFF, Poland (2021)
    • Fredrikstad Anim. Fest. Norway (2021)
    • CINEKID, The Netherlands (2021)
    • TOFUZI: Int. Fest. of Animated Films, Georgia (2021)
    • Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Children’s Film Festival), Sweden (2021)
    • FILEM'ON International Children's FF, Brussels, Belgium (2021)
    • Göteborg Film Festival Prisma, Sweden (2021)
    • "Best Children's Film", TIAF- Tbilisi International Animation Festival, Georgia (2021)
    • Chicago International Children's FF, USA (2021)
    • "Special mention - Best film for Children", ReAnima, Norway (2021)
    • KinoKino IFF for Children, Zagreb, Croatia (2021)
    • 35. JUST FILM Youth and Children’s FF, Tallinn (2021)
    • "Distinction", Animation Marathon, Greece (2021)
    • International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, Poland, (2021)
    • Short Film Days, Netherlands (2021)
    • "Best Animation for Children - Bronze", Los Angeles Animation Festival LAAF,USA, (2021) 
    • MUMBAI Entertainment International Film Festival, India (2021)
    • Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway (2022)
    • IndieJúnior - International Children's and Youth Film Festival, Portugal (2022)
    • Clermont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France (2022)



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