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The wild west! Cowboys galloping through vast landscapes, yearning looks into the distance, huge egos duelling to the blood - of course it needs the wide screen! But what if the Western moves with the times and expects the same performance of our cowboys in vertical format?

Category Short film
Director Christian Kaufmann
Production Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Country Germany
Format HD, DCP
Runtime 02:39 min
Year 2019
Language No Dialogue
Genre Animation, Comedy


  • Pöff Shorts 2020
  • anim'est International Festival of Animated Films 2020
  • International Animation Festival Cardiff 2020
  • Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2020
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020
  • Brussels Short Film Festival 2020
  • Cartoon Club - International Festival of Animation, Cinema and Comics 2020
  • NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER at Cannes Film Festival 2020
  • ITFS Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart 2020
  • Winner: Short Tiger Short Film Award 2020
  • "Animation Night Audience Award for Best Short Film" Anima Brussels Animation Film Festival 2020

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